I know lilmimichan has started a deathnote fanclub already but it has been over a year since the last post so i thought i would open my own if that's ok with lilmimichan, if not, just say and i'll have this thread deleted.

anyway, i am going to use roughly the same layout as lilmimichan's positions were set out so, apply to be whoever you want:

Kira Followers:
Kira: Yagami Raito
Misa: open
Mikami: Open
Followers: Open to All

L: Open
Mello: Open
Near: Open
Cops: open to 4
Anti-Kiras: open to all.

Rem: Open
The King: Open
shinigami: open to all

also, if there is a place you want but isn't up there, suggestions will be looked into