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    Hercules, Ussop's Companion

    Just wondering, as looking back I found out this giant beetle called Hercules at whilst rereading some older chaps.
    Is it any coincedense that the beetle looking human is called Hercules too. Especially as Chopper has the Human Human fruit, I'm kinda stuck as to think what fruit could make the beetle human-esque if it really is the same one

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    I think Heracle is just wearing armor from a giant beetle.

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    n-noooooooooooooooooooo, the idea of a giant hercules beetle joining the crew is my ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    i dont think it's armor, from what we saw how fat usopp grew, it's possibly that heracle was a regular beetle, came to the island and ate the fruit and as he kept eating, he grew and grew
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    one piece could be right since many odd characters exist in this world starting with all kinds of humans, Pandamans, okama, sexchangers, merman, some really odd captains from the new world...and most importantly non human like Pappag the a bettle could grow inteligent.

    i think Hercules bettle from the enel arc is a really good asian reference, seen in many mangas as fighting bettles. they are cool animals

    i think Heracle is human with armour but One piece maybe right, and yeah his the one defending Heraclesun as the new SH

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    If this is about new members, use the next strawhat thread.

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