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you know it's bad when even Sasuke hates you. Poor Thsv.

Anything Sasuke disapproves of we must exterminate. This leaves us with skin tight clothing, Linkin Park and eyeliner...

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I hate Pudding Cups
User has been banned for this post.

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Okay, half of the people responding here are being tongue in cheek, others are jumping on the bash thsv band wagon. I wonder how many of you really think you could do a better job (and its an unpaid job I believe), I sure wouldn't want the job because I know I will be unable to do it.

I think those who feel aggrieved have had their say, now lets hurry up and dump this thread and move on. Don't really like to see anybody piled on.
Actually, I think about 3 users are serious about the bandwagon, the other 9049 voters were either confused by the poll or bored.

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I also think its surprising that over 9000 people have voted on this thread, leading me to suspect someone of altering the voting results. If Thsv were in actual trouble, I'm sure he would demand a recount.

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I think we should ban POW for using such an annoying font style and size. -_-'
Hmm...this is a very valid point....(run POW, run)

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Seriously though...why is this thread still open?
Cause ironically, the majority of the staff were either sleeping or working on Naruto when it truly escalated. That...and I totally forgot about this thread.

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I personally feel that we should all bash on one mod a week. This week its Thsv, next week it should be Mass Zero. Just because I think we should pick on a Bleach Mod
This idea has promise. Unfortunately, it'd get old after this one. Nothing will come close to being as epic as this was.

Now then, formally, I will now inform you all of the verdict.

First let's review:
There 9029 votes for yes. Now then, this poll was very baffling to many voters since the final solution references a plan to exterminate the oppressed people (jews, narutards, etc.). THEREFORE, by voting yes on this poll, people were voting to have thsv exterminate narutards. The poll actually has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not thsv gets banned.

Also, yes. The poll options are in German, because who other than the greatest race in the world deserve a say in whether or not the je- err, I mean narutards live?

Next, if you don't understand why there are that many votes for yes, I cannot help you. Please flush your modem in the toilet.

Finally, on a more serious note:
Mangashare will never ever, EVER ban a user based off of his/her popularity on the forums. Even if the vote was unanimous to have thsv banned (which it couldn't be since the poll isn't about that), it doesn't matter the public opinion of a user is, to be banned, he/she must break the rules. (Note: you may not screw the rules even if you have money, not here.)

It also seems that thsv has a rather fine approval rating for a naruto mod. The fact that anybody at all was defending him is proof that he is much too soft. Trust me, you're much better off with thsv than revisiting the days where NPG and I moderated the Naruto forums.

tl;dr: Thsv retains his position as Naruto mod and is not banned, the people have spoken: the narutards shall be exterminated. Oh, and buy a book and learn to read. Cunts.