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    Post The Manga/Anime request thread

    Can't find what you're looking for?
    Well, you're in the right place... (ahem... thread)


    Be 100% sure that you're not able to find what you're looking for.

    First of all, why i made this rule is, people are lazy...
    Please make sure you can't find what you're looking for, whether it's about small details like HQ, another language or a certain fansubbing group.

    People, if you're not sure whether where to find an anime or manga, please check out the following two sites:

    They keep track of every known fansubbing group and almost every scanlation group available.
    You might find that their Search function has a UNBELIEVABLE database, with torrents of every release of fansubber groups.
    If you can't find it there, GOOGLE your way out, if no result please make a request here following these rules.

    How to request:

    Post your request with a form like this: */Please use black color font as you fill in the form/*

    Manga/Anime */Make your choice BOLD and color it red/*

    Serie: */Fill in the exact name, example: Code Geass: ~Hangakyou no Lelouch~ /*

    Details: */Fill in details like "HQ (aka DVD quality), Fansubber/scanlation group, the episodes/chapters/volumes you want, or any other details/*


    Fansubber/Scanlator: C1Anime

    Quality: HQ raw episode or HQ chapter/volume

    Preffered downloading: Torrent or Direct Downloads

    Subs Language: French

    */If your request is dubbed then please fill in Dub language: American, Leave Fansubber/scanlator and Subs Language out of it/*

    Summary: */Convince the readers how badly you want you're request to be done, but... please be nice, don't create a summary like this; PLSPLSPLS I NEED THIS NOW!! :(:(:(:(!!!! Keep it nice and give good arguments on how bad your search results were and you may either post when you'll need it.../*

    Please end your summary nicely, example:


    Blablabla, etc, etc, etc...

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,
    How to reply to a request:

    Use the QUOTE tags, to quote his/her form.


    Heya gin0va,

    I found what you were searching for.

    Enjoy ^^ */Or whatever your reply to the person who's request you're replying is/*

    Underneath the summary you will create another form:

    Serie: */you know what to fill in.../*

    Source: */Fill in the website/irc channel or where-ever you found it/*

    Detail request: */Please see the details form at the requests form example, Note: if you couldn't fulfill one or more of the request details please write it down like the following example/*


    Fansubber: N/A, But i found you another fansubber.

    Quality: Available */And so on.../*
    A note to the people who's request has been fulfilled:

    Please edit your request post and place "Request done!" at the bottom of your post.

    Please make use of saying "Thanks" or anything like that, it will mostlikely make the one whom fulfilled your request glad with helping you out.

    What not to do:

    • Off topic replies
    • Flaming
    • Spamming
    • Bashing on other persons
    • Make a request that's already been made, because you can make use of the previous requests

    Got any suggestions on how to improve this thread?

    Please make a post like the following example.



    */post your suggestion and once again in black font/*
    ~I hope this is helpfull to you all ^^, Happy requesting!
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