Welcome to MS's weekly song battle!

The song battle consists of two songs pitted against each other for you the users to vote for which song is better. The voting period will be open for this week (August 19th-August 26th) with the last two days being open for song requests. You have the entire week to vote so listen to the song, get a feel for it, and vote!

hey people, its me [JUiCE] again, with this week's weekly battle, this time, it wont be metal..wait what!? not metal!?..yup you read right, not a battle between metal songs..this time its a classical battle. As a man of my word, i kept my promise and im going to make this match up of!!!!(hope ur happy Smooth Operator)

Mozart - Lacrimosa


Clint Mansell - Luz Aeterna

In my opinion, i learned about Mozart when i was in 3rd grade, ive been a fan of his music ever since, so to me, hes a pure genius and his music is a beautiful sound theory.

Mancell's lux aeterna is beautiful as well, no doubt about it, the way it gets intense, then more intense...then INTENSE-R...lol u get my point, its a really good piece of art

Both genius' in the art of music, but my vote has to go to mozart for him being a childhood favorite.(i really wish i wouldve made it a true classic battle, mozart vs beethoven, maybe some other time)

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