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    Im really eager to improve but I dont understand exactly what you mean by "washing the midtones". Im not at all hurt or anything like that, Im just .. you know ... not that used to the higher terminology of photoshop. So please, if you dont mind, explain Rav ?
    About the highlights, well that I surely do understand. It has become some sort of habbit, guess a bad one. When I got the sig 95% done, I make a Gaussian Blur and set the blending on screen with some 30-50% opacity which causes the highlights to get burned - according to the blending mode I choose. Well, its not like I use this habbit in every of my sigs though . I see I should cut this crap out of my sig making, unleast it doesnt look well.
    What I mean is that you seem to be overly lightening the midtones.
    Combined with burning the highlights it leaves the colours without much vibrancy because everything becomes more or less the same shade, and in turn makes the sig feel 'washed out' i.e. lacking any vivid colour or contrast.

    Obviously I'm not saying that every sig has to be bright and full of colours, it's just that if you don't have some highlights and contrast then nothing will really stand out.

    Screen is a bit unusual, going with low(ish) opacity Blur + Color Burn if the sig is too light or Blur + Soft Light/Hard Light if it's too dark are generally good options (Although, the blur is optional). The problem with Screen is that it brightens all the shades, whereas Overlay/Soft Light/Hard Light are more selective.

    Other than that the composition on those recent sigs is pretty good, there's not much visible clutter and the flow is nice and clear. =)
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