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    Oricon: #1 Manga Mag for Japanese Girls Is…Shonen Jump

    The Oricon Style entertainment weekly magazine surveyed 2,933 young Japanese female readers for their favorite manga magazine, and the top response was Weekly Shônen Jump. Shueisha began Shônen Jump as a magazine aimed at young boys in 1968, but it has since broadened its audience to include females and adult males. The survey respondents cited One Piece, Death Note, and The Prince of Tennis as reasons for reading Shônen Jump. They also cited NANA as one of the main reasons for reading the #2 magazine, Monthly Cookie. Bessatsu Margaret and Hana to Yume followed behind at #3 and #4 respectively, with Shôjo Comic, Weekly Shônen Magazine, and Lala tied at #5.

    In research studies dating back to 1994, Matt Thorn and other anthropologists have noted this trend in Japanese girls reading manga magazines ostensibly aimed at boys. Oricon Inc. began in 1967 as a marketing research firm that publishes ranking charts for music, television, and other entertainment industries.

    anyone suprised??
    i am, since i don`t think i`ve seen many girls in the shounen manga threads, tho i`m not too observative =_=

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    This survey took place at least 2 years ago according to the date it was posted in the link. But these are Japanese females in general that were surveyed so its not very surprising that you don't see many of them in Mangashare's boards.

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