Shadow Complex Info

Shadow Complex is a huge 3D side scroller shoot 'em up game, which by the looks of it has some 3rd person part in as well. (Like the bit with the turret in the trailer) It looks very similar to Undertow, except in SD there is a massive open world. There will be lots of exploration, boss battles and over 120 secrets. There will be an achievement tracker (like in gears of war 2) at the bottom of the screen to tell you our progress. The game will take around 10 - 12 hours to complete. Finally, there will be a levelling system, which is based on exploration.

You play a man with his girlfriend out on a hike. You’re girlfriend goes missing. Then you find an underground facility of people who are trying to take over the USA. You’re objective is to stop them.


Release date: 19th August 2009

Platform: Xbox 360

Where to get: Xbox Live Marketplace

Price: 1200 Microsoft points ($15/£10.28)

Download Size: 835.4mb

Foam gun (lets you build cover and staircases. It can also destroy mechanisms and freeze enemies.),
Assault rifle
(All I have found so far)

Triple jump
Climbing gear
Different types of armour
Jet pack/Thruster
Hookshot (Helps you grapple onto things)
Friction Dampener (Gives you super speed)
(Loads more which I haven't heard of yet)

■LET’S GET PUNCHY: Melee 5 soldiers (15)

■BOMBA PUNTER: Punt 20 Bombas (20)

■MY HEAD A-SPLODE: Get 50 head shots (20)

■MAKE ‘EM SCREAM: Get 100 soldiers to scream (20)

■TO KILL A BLACKBIRD: Destroy the helicopter attacking the Vice President (15)

■LOOK OUT!: Kill a soldier with a Bomba (5)

■WALKIN’ ON WATER: Make it from one end of lake to the other in hyper-speed (5)

■HERO: Complete the game on any difficulty setting (50)

■COMPLETIONIST: Complete the game with 100% of the items (20)

■MINIMALIST: Complete the game with less than 13% of the items (10)

■PROVEN GROUNDS: Complete the Proving Grounds (10)

■SERIOUS COMPLEX: Level-up to experience level 50 (10)

Credit for this Layout goes to Blast at the ChairForums.

So who's getting this? seems like a great game and a steal for the price.