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    darn! my brain is not working well...i have to get back with you with the answers

    this is one cool thread, really!

    i just need to think...A LOT! be back when i have the answer!

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    Here is mine. I thought about doing it a few times. Perhaps we should have another go where we share personal snippets of our lives and the music to narrate it.

    ~Opening credits
    Safe and Sound by Kyosuke Himuro

    ~Being born
    Super Saiyan Vegeta by Bruce Faulconer

    ~Waking up
    Imperial March

    ~First day at school
    I’m Comin by Silkk the Shocker

    ~Fighting song
    I Came To Play by Downstrait

    ~Falling in love
    Missing by Gackt

    ~Breaking up
    Snow by Kamelot

    ~Getting back together
    Hime Murasaki by Mizuki Nana

    ~Wedding Day
    Flower by Gackt

    ~Birth of child
    Super Saiyan 3 by Bruce Faulconer
    <Cause who doesn't want to give birth to a SS right?>

    Pain by Three Days Grace

    ~Funeral Scene
    Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance

    ~Ending Credits
    Horizon by Hyde

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