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    Cool Your Life´s OST

    Lets say that whole your life was made into a big budget movie, your job is to add the soundtrack ! Down bellow is the pattern of the periods of each persons life I guess, so I would like you guys to make your own film soundtrack accordingly. Even though I present an original pattern, you can also add your own custom pattern or change periods into your liking. However, opening and ending credits are a must !


    Also, you may or may not link your choice of song to its youtube source so that we could go listen right on - if not then just give the title of the song.

    To make it more fun, you will also rate or unleast make a lil comment on the above persons soundtrack. However, rating is just 5/5 points limited, 0 being "poor" and 5 being "awesome". When rating, you decide upon your own opinion on the above persons choice of songs and how well it would fit one´s OST.

    This is a fun game, so as any other game-thread - no trolling and "heated" discussions pls, thank you

    __________________________________________________ ____

    So then, lets start this thing , I present my films soundtrack !

    - Opening credits: Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack

    - Being born: Charlie Clouser - Hello Zepp (Saw Soundtrack)

    - Waking up: P.O.D. - Alive

    - First day at school: Three Days Grace - Just Like You

    - Fighting song: Fort Minor - Remember The Name

    - Falling in love: Aerosmith - Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)

    - Breaking up: Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

    - Getting back together: Three Days Grace - Take Me Under

    - Wedding Day: Shaggy - Feel The Rush

    - Birth of child: Pendulum - Hold Your Colour

    - Depression: Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become

    - Funeral Scene: Helena - My Chemical Romance

    - Ending Credits: Three Days Grace- Never Too Late
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    Interesting Concept. I've thought about it at times myself :p.

    WARNING: Some videos have bright flashing lights and may induce seizures. I don't want to be the one that killed you without fair warning

    Oi Forgot to Rate; 4/5 because some music just seems a little weird for me

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    man...i really wanna do this!!!! but i need some time and also the focus to carefully to this, it sounds real fun
    i promise ill get back to this

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    Hmm...This'll take some consideration...

    Opening credits-Haruka Kanata/Asian Kung Fu Generation
    ~Being born-Hearts Burst Into Fire/BFMV
    ~Waking up-the Day That I Die/Good Charlotte
    ~First day at school-Graduation Day/Head Automatica
    ~Fighting song-Bat Country/A7X
    ~Falling in love-Dear God/A7x
    ~Breaking up-I'm Not Okay(I Promise)/MCR
    ~Getting back together-Room 409/BFMV
    ~Wedding Day-Disenchanted/MCR
    ~Birth of child-Crazy/Aerosmith(don't ask)
    ~Depression-Say Goodnight/BFMV(yes, I'm one of my BFMV-fits tonight)
    ~Funeral Scene-Until It Sleeps/Metallica
    ~Ending Credits-Tears Don't Fall/BFMV

    (sig by Cross)

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    ~Opening credits: Temple of Light
    ~Being born: Muse: Unnatural Selection
    ~Waking up: 009 Sound System
    ~First day at school: Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall
    ~Fighting song: Fighting Man (I encourage you to listen to this!)
    ~Falling in love: Biffy Clyro Many of Horror
    ~Breaking up: Flyleaf I'm so sick
    ~Getting back together: Foo Fighters Wheels
    ~Wedding Day: (strange choice, I know.
    ~Birth of child: Children Escala
    ~Depression: Gjoria Vacuity
    ~Funeral Scene: Requiem of a Tower
    ~Ending Credits: Gnossiene No.1

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    - Opening credits: Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears

    - Being born: Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes(yes i know the song subject is about a lady dying)

    - Waking up: Van Halen - Jump

    - First day at school: Helloween - The Hellion/Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover)

    - Fighting song: Yngwie Malmsteen - Facing The Animal

    - Falling in love: Steve Vai - Gentle Ways

    - Breaking up: Joe Satriani - Sleep Walk

    - Getting back together: SPM - Are We Real

    - Wedding Day: Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra

    - Birth of child: Dream Theater - Misunderstood (i was actually listening to this while my gf was having our daughter)

    - Depression: Heaven & Hell - Lonely Is The Word

    - Funeral Scene: Slayer - Hell Awaits

    - Ending Credits: Disturbed - Perfect Insanity

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    ohh, there's actually a Steve Vai fan on MS :o
    I loved Blood and Glory.

    Anyhoo, here's mine.

    Opening: Madness - Baggy Trousers

    80 years of taking it easy: Bob Marley - Three Little Birds

    Ending on a peaceful note: One of Luca's Hymms - Homura

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    Your Life´s OST

    Yeah I love that one. My labels are in Japanese, so I refer you to FFIX OST, disc 2, track 5. Am I correct?

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