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    At the very least, watch Kakashi Gaiden (ep. 119-120) and grab a couple of tissues!

    But yes you should pick the anime back up, and just skip the fillers because all they do is aggravate you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xXD3THKLOKXx View Post
    Totally Agree, It is quite underwhelming. Not unlike the OP 4kids dub.
    Nothing is as bad as the OP 4kids dub...

    "poison suction cups"?!?!

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    Its alright, there are quite a few crap fillers tho....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    Nothing is as bad as the OP 4kids dub...

    "poison suction cups"?!?!
    Poison suction cups are actually quite realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harraldo View Post
    I'd rather like to see the upcoming battles which will be epic for sure, better than every fight we've seen before, hopefully they don't mess up with the animation.

    A filler flashback about Jinchuurikis or Minato, Danzo and all the other cool characters would also be greatly appreciated but I doubt this will happen atleast until 2015 ...
    thats what i am expecting every episode too .. bigger fights are really awesome.
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    why not... its always good to watch an anime now and then! lol expescially NARUTO! lol

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    YES!! The anime was what got me started on Naruto, I found that manga after I'd exhausted all of the episodes. The anime is moving much faster than before, plus animation brings life to the manga, and they give more details than the manga does.

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    yeah pick it up again, its geting very intense.
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