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    Naruto Naruto 362 Discussion

    Talk about the current chapters(for manga) and tell others how you feel about it or what you think. You can also talk about the older chapters(for manga) and what not. o.O;
    *Currently out*
    Manga- Chapter 362
    What I think of the current chapter for manga: I thought it was surprising. I dont think anyone would have guessed that Deidara had a mouth on his chest. O.o; I thought it was only his hands. Lol. Sucks he has to die cause I like him. Darn Sasuke.
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    I also was not expecting the mouth on his chest, but i am a little shocked that he plans to take his own life. I figured he would retreat before that, or you know Sasuke killing him.
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    He said.. :bigeyes Sorry Tobi

    That wa sad
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    well actually im not that surprised because the fight b/w the previous 2 akatsuki guys they both had something huge hidden on them ( i mean what 5 hearts come on lol) so i was somewhat expecting something big from dei. Although it seems like Tobi might be in danger with w/e hes doing (Tobi is awsome ) should be interesting whats going to happen next.

    What im more interested in is what kind of powers Kabuto obtained after taking in Orochi.

    ps. might be a good idea to put spoilers in cap on the title when we do this so people dont complain about that

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    I meant to create a latest chapter discussion thread but it slipped my mind, anyway this will do - stickied.

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    yea i was surprised with kabuto when half his face was ochimaru...kinda mad that he didnt just DIE already...just my opinion...
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    Lol, I thought it was kinda stupid.

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    Yea I thought it was a bold but awesome move to kill off orochimaru, and kinda disappointed when I read that he was alive in kabuto.

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    I found Deidara's last exploding clay form quite funny. Didn't it resemble a halloween pumpkin? lol

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    Hey people, aren't we kind of getting a bit off topic? I'm quite sure this thread is titled "Chapter 362 Discussion", but whatever works I guess since you can talk about older chapters as well.

    To think Deidara had a tummy mouth and that he's insane enough to go BOOM!...

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