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I just find it kinda dissapointing that with all the time naruto spent with Jiraiya and all he seem to manage was a genjitsu dispell and the Great Ball Rasengan when comparing the training results from Sasuke and Sakura he's really lacking. Also noted that it seem if he would have stayed with Kakashi not only would he have a better grasp on how to really use the shadow clones but how to learn some basic ninjistu and a little more taijutsu thats just IMHO
Naruto has that killer (literally, lol) technique now that tears his arm up. He also actually thinks when he fights, instead of running in without a thought. I think that's worth something.

Anyway, back to the latest chapter, I liked it but felt yet again that pain of not getting what I want - a conclusion. Every week for the past month, I've been thinking, "Deidara's finally going to die!" only to be disappointed. It's not a big disappointment, but it's there.

Nonetheless, the chapters are good. I can't wait to see what Tobi does, after Deidara's dead, and when in a fight.