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    Admiral Lightning Bolt vs Captain Crunch

    As we all know, Yondaime's official name is Admiral Lightning Bolt as I have stated in this thread, so I will be using that name for Yondaime throughout this thread.

    Ok so let's get started shall we? This thread is to guideline the two major forces in Kishimoto's manga Naruto and to make a plausible comparison between the two to officially find out which one of them would win at the end of the Naruto manga. The two in question are none other then the 4th Hokage Admiral Lightning Bolt and the mastermind behind Akatsuki, as well as for the past and future Ninja Wars, Captain Crunch. Both are masters of their craft and are highly dangerous if you were to ever get on their bad side.

    Now I have compiled the stats for each component. These have been highly researched through hours upon hours of rigorous reading and analyzing. They are assured to be 100% accurate.

    Admiral Lightning Bolt

    Captain Crunch

    What we can see here they are pretty evenly matched. What one character fails in they make up for in another technique. When the fight does happen it will be an epic one. Now let us review the different skills each character owns.

    Admirals Summoning: As most of us know one of the main things Admiral has in his arsenal is his ability to summon a wide variety of frogs. These frogs can be greatly massive in size towering well over 100 stories in some cases or they could even be very tiny about the size of a small tadpole. Not only are there many different frogs but each of them have a different ability that they can use to aid Admiral in his battle. Gamabunta, for instance, is very massive, and because of his size he can easily crush an opponent under his weight. It's also been shown that the frogs can also used different types of water jutsu which can also add Admiral in his battles. Aside from frogs, there is also one major summoning move that Admiral has that is much better then them. They are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That's right. Admiral can summon the TMNT squad. They really don't need any introduction on the massive power that they contain. Each TMNT member uses a form of an ancient deadly martial art. Back that up with a heavy arsenal of water jutsu and you have a powerful ally.

    Captain's Summoning: Captain Crunch's summoning doesn't have a wide selection as Admiral's, but none the less they are very dangerous. One of the things the Captain can summon are chichi's, or milk demons. These milk demons, as their name implies, use milk jutsu. Milk jutsu is just much more deadlier then water jutsu since it's thickness is 10 fold that of water. He can also change their body type depending on his preference. He can make them small and sleek, perfect for speed, or big and heavy for power. Now just as Admiral has the TMNT, the Captain has the TMCG. The Teenage Mutant Cereal Gang. There powers are vast in number and they shouldn't be taken lightly. Their powers correlate with their cereal correspondent. For instance Tony the Tiger can use his powers to boost his body full of Calcium and Vitamins. This boost gives the same effect as steroids would in our real world. With these summoning captions, it shows both opponents are pretty evenly matched here.


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    Captain Crunch simply uses his "Crunchatize no Jutsu" to trap Admiral Lightning Bolt in an alternate, poorly animated, reality.

    Case closed.

    (also, I lol'd)
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    ya when captain crunch uses his crunchatize me capn moves he can easly over power admiral lightning bolt in his twisted cereal world

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    I never knew Captain Crunch was so powerful.

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    Jink, you really ARE the king of useless threads. What drove you to make this one? Was it the fact that your Uzumaki Kushina "theory" came crashing down? Oh and just to let you know, I did read the entire post you made, though I am asking myself why.
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    This thread will go to the graveyard faster than a speeding bullet.

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    Shouldn't this be in the boredom zone?

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    The Naruto Forum is the boredom zone.

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    sushi is innocent
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    ...mand dont you have better thing to doo? But in the end Admiral lightining bolt and capatain crunch will make fusion and will create the Capitan Lightining Crunch vs Teedy Bear

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