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    One would hope that the ones that do the original story line's animation refuse to do fillers and take a break when it happens. It always seems that they drawing lines are different and worse when we have fillers lol
    Most of the time, the drawings for the manga's story line is awesome.

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    Good episode overall! It was nice to see Itachi again in the anime. Hope they keep with the story and don't interrupt it with fillers.

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    I knew this episode was going to be good but its wierd seeing how they changed the order of some things in the manga but that is nothing new I guess its because I only started reading the manga in shippuden that I notice it more now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden82 View Post
    Hope they keep with the story and don't interrupt it with fillers.
    Nah that is one of the things I was researching as Naruto always tries to make thier fillers fit into the story. If you follow the manga you know where the story is going leaves no room for fillers for awhile.

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    I dunno but the parts with sasuke n co always seem to be more coloured....abit pokemon as compared to the rest of the characters...its like they got another team to sasuke's part..oh well nice episode this is a good build up hehe...

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    wtf? The last two weeks, TAKA is releasing Naruto episodes very late. Wanna download a good release, but there isn't a good release yet.

    the disadvantage of having a 1080P monitor, means that every 480P movie, is very ugly, or let me say, very BAD GRAPHICS, comparing with 720P releases :( , if you going to watch it on Full HD.
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    I was happy that we got to see itachi again =) he's still one of the coolest characters Tobi rocks :p Cant wait to see him appear more in the anime

    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    see how they squeeze in extra bits but they couldn't even show us how minato took out those rock ninja's ...those idiots in the anime studio are wakk!
    I know, thats bloody shite!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden82 View Post
    Good episode overall! It was nice to see Itachi again in the anime. Hope they keep with the story and don't interrupt it with fillers.

    Fillers are absolutely w**k! Im seriously hoping they keep to the story now.... Thats never going to happen :( Still i want the story to progress quite far until they decide to put another filler in.
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    If anyone's still interested:

    Taka Fansubs was finally able to release episode 121. Grab the torrent on their homepage.

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