It's times like this that I remember what a bunch of nitpicking fags you are, but yeah...
Fixed the typo, and as for the other sentence,
[14:38] <@zidane|afk> Archiel
[14:38] <@zidane|afk> you there?
[14:38] <@zidane|afk> Allot this weeks chapter of Naruto/Bleach/OP
[14:39] <@zidane|afk> I meant to say to make rations out of it... read it knowing that it'll have to hold for 2 weeks,... to allot smth, to ration smth...
[14:40] <@zidane|afk> I wasn't sure with the english there, feel free to correct my post... bbiab

Now stop spamming this announcement, if you feel like being smartasses, do it on IRC, you know I don't mind it there.