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    Mangashare's Weekly Song Battle #2

    Welcome to MS's weekly song battle!

    The song battle consists of two songs pitted against each other for you the users to vote for which song is better. The voting period will be open for this week (August 2nd-August 9th) with the last two days being open for song requests. You have the entire week to vote so listen to the song, get a feel for it, and vote!

    On behalf of my good friend Tadashi, i am having the weekly song battle this week, and anyone who knows me well or some...knows i will make it mainly...METAL!!
    And so, this week we go into one of the most discussed and argued topics since these two bands rose and became two of...The Big Four!

    Megadeth and Metallica are two of the most popular, longest fued and most known for Megadeth front man being Metallica's lead guitarist before Kirk Hammett. And so, with that being, i decided to have their songs...BATTLE!

    Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
    Metallica - Blackened

    In my opinion, Megadeth is far more amazing, talented and hows do you calls it "gooders" than Metallica(from metalocalypse). Megadeth for one has Dave Mustaine, hes a pure guitar genius and far more skilled and intelligent than Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield. Dont get me wrong, (old)Metallica is badass, but Megadeth is the band i think is best.

    Second, Megadeth never sold out like Metallica, yeah some people might say they kind of came back with their recent album Death Magnetic, but to me, i will never forget the huge disappointment when Metallica brought out St. Anger, Load and Reload..and during that time, Megadeth kept it fresh Thrashy(with some new ideas) and kept rocking and jammin out like they always did.

    Plus, personally me i think Megadeth is far more badass. Every member that has been in Megadeth has been AMAZING! one thing thats awesome about our friend Dave, he never bs' around, always gets amazingly talented members, while in u know..they have lars..and they had Jason Newsted..i guess, i mean, u can like him, if thats what you call a bass player..Now their latest remaining Bass Player, Robert Trujillo..BADASS!!! hes the only member of Metallica i have any respect for. But but...why do like him if hes in metallica??? well people, I've heard about him back when he used to be in Suicidal Tendencies, Black Label Society and Ozzy Osbourne, his work with those bands puts him as one of the best Bass players in Heavy Metal.
    well...of course, im voting for Megadeth, well people, have fun discussing and voting..and remember METALLICA SOLD OUT....AND REMAINS A SELL OUT.

    ~All discussion will be done in this thread.
    ~NO FLAME! Keep your useless comments to yourself.
    ~All song requests can either be sent to me through PM or VM.
    ~Ideas as to how to better improve this thread or to add certain elements can be posted in the original thread: Mangashare's Weekly Head-to-Head Song Battle or PM me.

    Side Note: There will be two different songs each week with a final tournament with each week's winner for song of the year.
    ~If you don't like the song then request one of your own!

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