Just curious to anyone who knows, but in the anime Big O, Roger's informant seems to be named Big Ear, is it possible that he is like the megadeus' and is a Big for its own purpouses?

Big O - Land Assault
It's heavily armored, not water-proof (The Show Must Go On, air escapes from the neck/cockpit), no flight capability, slow, bulky, transported on railroad tracks which allow for deployment over the city, etc.. Also it has heavy assault weapons with high knokback that would be useless in air and water since there would be nothing to latch onto with his waist harken/hooks.

Big Duo - Air Assault
Speaks for itself, propellers for flight, seems to be able to sustain people when it goes to high altitude, as seen when it takes its Domineus up to the lights and he can still talk and breathe, even though hes not totally there. Has guns that don't have much of a knockback. And bombs in the chest useful for carpet bombing.

Big Fau -Water Assault
Has water-propellers, water proof (The Show Must Go ON, air does NOT escape it in any way and it effortlessly propels through water), lasers are able to pivot and move around in all directions and a shield that doesn't require it to move around to block the attack, an awkward shaped head that seems like it would float above water and of course, torpedo like missile arms.

Big Ear? - Spying and Internal Sabotage
Has an unprecedented information network, human sized, artificial skin, always seems to know a meeting place, seems to get a hold of all information needed when its needed, knows when to give information, knows what information to withhold. This is provided his name is as Wikipedia is correct in his naming.