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i'm kinda amazed (well proud really =_= though that sounds weird) that amano had actually planned this.

from the vongola vings/varia arc.
15yr old lambo explained about parallel universes! or worlds or whatever!
which would also explain why the 15 and 25yr old lambos didn't know about box weapons and such!

i love it when mangakas plan faaaar ahead and tie up loose ends
-*cough just like oda cough*
I think that Amano is planning another surprise in the not-to-distant future... I think it involves the Cervello and the reason why Irie got shipped the 10 Year Bazooka shells instead of them getting delivered directly to Lambo and the reason Xanxus got released from the IX's Zero Point Breakthrough... And why Byakuran was at both places that Irie went to in the parallel universes. It's just too many coincidences not to be connected.