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    well i think that sakura is going to die in the end so it really doesnt matter who she ends up with

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    The reason I believe that Hinata never really had a chance is that because she is the quite, shy girl of the series, those girls never get the guy. Now Sakura, on the other hand, is more likely to land naruto because, she is like naruto, is chasing sasuke but she didnt realize how much naruto suffered for her, and after the last chapter she now knows how he feels about her. And there were past event that lead you to believe she actually loves him.

    and as for this being Red herring to misdirect us. Nah. Its not.


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    I get the feeling the only way this love issue will be resolved is if either Sakura or Hinata actually die, or if Sakura confronts him about it, and Naruto tells her his feelings are actually for Hinata (not likely).

    The problem Sai brought up was that Naruto's feelings for Sakura directly conflicted with her feelings for Sasuke. Because Naruto promised to bring back Sasuke (which he would've done anyway), he has to endure the pain of knowing he's closing the door between himself and Sakura. Three things could happen: Sakura will profusely apologize for giving him pain, she'll die, or she'll say she loves him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by APmugen View Post
    well i think that sakura is going to die in the end so it really doesnt matter who she ends up with
    That Was A Little Harsh Don't Think?

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    You people aren't falling for this again, kishi likes to mislead us by adding a bit of romance here and there. Just because sai told sakura how naruto feels doesn't mean she automatically loves him now, sasuke was and still is her first choice. Those are tears of guilt.

    The only time people are gona hook up is at the end, well I pretty much gave up on believing in romance since kishi kicked hinata to the side, she didn't even get a "thank you" from naruto lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    Maybe not... But could you imagine their kid?

    Almost unlimited chakra reserves, Byakugan, Sage mode, and the will to never give up... (s)he'd be amazing!

    Gentle Fist style taijutsu in sage mode would be devastating.
    that kid wont have byakugan, its going to have KYUUBIGAN lol

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    he has not seem hinata since the pain arc. so wat he does when he sees her will show wats going to happen with sakura but it would be better if he didnt want sakura after all that bitching about sasuke

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    Naruto already has 99 problems.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Zetta View Post
    People should use some common sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zetta View Post
    Thats my point. and regarding common sense, people who don't use it are practically idiots.

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    I don't see anything happening with anyone. Kishi has yet to develop romantic relationships with any character. The only instance I can think of is Asuma and Kurenai, but that relationship just happened in the backround.

    Love and romance just doesn't exist in the Narutoverse. Based on that, nothing's going to happen with Hinata and Sakura, for that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noxusrules View Post
    +1 for the way you opened this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by xShAdYx View Post
    Naruto already has 99 problems.....
    But a bitch ain't one.


    On topic. I don't think Naruto will ever get a relationship. At least not during the manga, maybe in an end shot. Naruto isn't a manga for boyfriends and girlfriends.

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