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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkz View Post
    download link ? torrent ? xD
    I too am waiting on a torrent. These higher quality versions usually come out on Fridays. Keep an eye on Taka Fansubs, they should have a torrent up by tomorrow

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    ahhh this special was so fucking awesome yondaime voice was cool obito voice sound kind like kiba and the part that yondaime use the transportation jutsu it gave me goosebumps
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    Yeah i whant to see this episode in 480p atleast xD
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    Brothers of Mangashare;

    Normally I only download TAKA episodes for excellent quality, but I have found on

    two torrents of Naruto Shippuuden episodes 119 and 120 with 480P.

    Naruto Shippuuden episode 119 - Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys’ Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1

    Naruto Shippuuden episode 120 - Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys’ Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 2

    [ It's the crunchyroll release but in AVI format 480P with good quality.. NJOY! ]
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    OMG! Kakashi looks so small and young lol! Minato is hardcore! Omg these are by far the greatest episodes of naruto so far! Minato's space time jutsu rocks!!! kakashi reminded me of naruto trying to take the enemy out with one big powerful jutsu lol =) Orbito was great when he challenged kakashi and said the white fang was a true hero! The tag team fight betwenn kakashi and orbito against the earth ninja was sick, it was sick how orbito read and blocked the nin's attack agaist kakashi so kakashi could slice him up with his dad's blade! =) R.I.P orbito what away to go :( Omg seriously this has made me love kakashi even more than i already did! He rocks so much, When he first opened his sharingan eye! How many ninja's would run at multipul enimies to give there friend a chance to get away, he looked so cool when he has chidori and the 4th's kunia in his hands! So glad they made these episodes! Cant belive i worte so much lol =)
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    This Is A Cool Episode But They Should Have Made This Awhile Ago

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    wish there couldive been more fighting from yondaime or aleast show wat the flying thunder god technique actually looks like but owell

    it was great

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    Great episode, while people are complaining that we should at least seen yondaime in more action which i totally agree with by the way. Let's be happy we still got to see him take down the guy doing surveillance and stuff. Honestly obito dying was really sad. And does anybody else find it weird that both naruto and bleach came out with great episodes this week,coincidence?

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    great was a cool little break from the upcoming fights

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    It was a good episode but I was hoping for some anime extras.

    Somethings I noticed I overlooked:

    - I never noticed in the manga Sakuma had that Will of Fire sleeve on his left shoulder.

    - Also I always thought the White blade Kakashi used was made from chakra not a real blade lol

    - The white fang blade broke when Kakashi attacked? How did I miss that in the manga? No wonder he doest use it anymore.

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