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    Anyone hear Toe or Lite?

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    just don't translate the Japanese pop songs...because, its really not ok.

    i go for the original songs.

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    lol... I ask can you spot how many things are just off in this video by UVERworld.

    I mean wtf is with those pants...and wtf again in general??? There music is all over the place sometimes...Its not a bad song but its kind

    - This is why when it comes to J-rock I love Asian Kung Fu Generation as they are consistent. You listen to songs like World Apart, Mugen Glider, Natsou no Hi Zanzou, & Wakusei you get that top quality feel and not the acid trip I got dropped on my head as baby feel that UVERworld sometimes comes up with.

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    Just like listening to it, although about all i know is two mix.

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    Probably best to post this here rather than the share your music thread, It seemed out of place amongst all the stuff being shared there.

    A lad at work recommended that I have a listen to some Tokyo Jihen songs, so this morning I had a dig around and found their 4 albums, Really good band imo.

    Figure I may as well share the links here as well.
    Tokyo Jihen - Kyoiku
    Tokyo Jihen - Adult
    Tokyo Jihen - Variety
    Tokyo Jihen - Sports

    Youtube link for one of their newer songs; zettai zetsumei

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    I like a band called DOES- I went to see them live in Osaka and they were *awesome*. They're not that famous yet, but they do some good songs. I found them after their songs "Donten" and "Shura" ("Cloudy Weather", "Carnage") was the openings for Gintama. Now they're one of my favourite bands.
    I also like Asian Kung Fu Generation too, and Beat Crusaders. Beat Crusaders have to have some of the weirdest Engrish I've ever heard, but the beats good~~
    I'd also recommend Theatre Brook's "Uragiri no Yuuyake" which was a pretty epic opening of Durarara!!

    I like J-rock more than J-pop... not a big fan of the boy bands. :/
    I'll listen to a bit of Orange Range, Home Made Kazoku, Flow, ect... but I only like a few of their songs.

    Let's get this party started.

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    You share my taste, Muffin. I love Donten and Shura too. Helps that Shura always brings the Benizakura arc to mind
    I was never keen on Asian Kung-Fu Generation until they did the opening for Tatami Galaxy, Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat - Youtube link.
    I love their album Magic Disc though.

    As for Theater Brook, I love the second track on the Uragiri no Yuuyake single, Mirai Wo Ima.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arisato-kun View Post
    So yes, we all like Japanese animation.
    I haven't watched an anime in like 5 years. But leaving that aside, I started listening to Mass of the fermenting dregs recently and they sound pretty good.

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    J/Rock and J/Pop You Into It

    Besides System Of A Down, what other Armenian rock bands are you into?
    Here are some of my other favorites:

    Capital Cities
    Element Band

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