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nope, i dont like it. i might be one of the few if not the only member on here that doesnt like j-rock and j-pop.
back then i was like, man this music is crap! but ever since i started playing The World Ends With You..its okay music, i dont mind listening to some of that music, but its not something i would listen to. why? its annoying as hell and embarrassing to listen to. it fits with anime and such cause its kind of a tradition to have a Japanese song as its OP. what i do is just fast forward so i dont have to listen to that annoying music. There are a rare few songs that were actually cool, i have to admit that, like the two opening songs for Kingdom Hearts and its sequel Kingdom Hearts II. another reason i dislike, well..detest, japanese music is cause i cant stand music that u cant understand,(language wise) and some ask, well u listen to death metal and black metal, well i can actually understand that cause its still english. another thing i have to admit is that j-rock has some guitarist that are like...wow.

so..will i someday give those genre's a chance? not a chance in hell...untill USA, Norway and all these other amazing places stop bringing out amazing talent..prolly not even then, i can always listen to the old tunes

go ahead and discuss to me about the different genres and ur point of view as to why u think its good music, but please do not argue/flame me about me disliking jrock n jpop, because you will not win

( that band uverworld has some pretty ok songs, for its genre, and other songs are like those from TWEWY, catchy stuff, and a couple of OP's from naruto and other stuff, its ok..but thats it really

i agree completely.

the lyrics of a song are very important to me, along with the instrumental parts.

alot of jrock seems to be behind instrumentally, not innovative and it seems that its a few years behind english language based music, and it all seems very generic IMHO.

if i can't understand it then i don't want to listen to it. there are a few j music that i will listen to, the opening to gundam 00, and the first opening for bleach, but i like to understand my music.

i listen to hardcore and yes, i do understand the screaming, so i know what you mean by that too haha.

i have no problem with some instrumental japanese rock. they do have some sick guitarist.