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I don't care where the music comes from. . . as long as it makes my ears happy, I'm happy. My inability to comprehend the lyrical content doesn't bother me, as I think of lyrics as an unnecessary luxury. . .

I wouldn't listen to a song that sounds terrible regardless of the lyrical quality because imo, lyrics are meant to have meaning behind the musical quality of the singer's voice while the music is meant to be heard in a harmonic fashion. . . If you speak English and hear English lyrics, then you go beyond simply hearing the word and onto deciphering it's meaning.

With a foreign song you can't help but only hear the musical quality of what they say, rather than also understanding because you can't understand anything. If you are curious of the meaning behind the lyrics of a foreign song then you'd look them up, but you'd notice if you apply the translated lyrics to the same song the lyrics lose their musical quality and become dissonant and you're only left with the meaning of the words. . . which is really just poetry rather than music.
Well said. You talked about some things that I didn't really consider. And I agree with you, it's the musical quality that matters. Saying something's bad because it's in another language is just plain ignorant IMO.