This may be a dumb question to ask on a manga/anime forum but I've gotten some surprising answers in regards to this question.

So yes, we all like Japanese animation. That's a given. But how do you feel about music from Japan? When the opening song of that anime you're watching is playing do you crank it up and sing along with the kareoke, or do you turn it down and pray for it to end? Do you look up a band after hearing an OP or do you not even bother?

I for one, love J-Rock and J-Pop. It makes up most of my music library. I just feel good listening to it. Lyrics are no problem as I can just look up translations. The language barrier isn't even a problem since I believe that music transcends language and language shouldn't be a factor on whether or not a song is good.

Bands and artists I listen to frequently are UVERworld, FLOW, Abingdon Boys School, KOTOKO, Kenji Ootsuki & the Zetsubou Shoujotachi, Shouko Nakagawa and, of course, the Sakurakou Keionbu.

So what's your stance on J-Rock and J-Pop. Do you like it or not? Why? If you do like it what are some of your favorite artists?