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    Bleach 289 Spoilers

    spoilerpics found by the great spacecatsama at BA


    Posted by Raikujin


    ノイトラ は彼の弱められた状態の黒崎 一護を戦い続ける黒崎 一護に彼のマスクを使用するが残ないノイトラは黒崎 一護を打つザエルアポロ・グランツに石田 雨竜および阿散井 恋次の彼のクローンの戦いがある石田 雨竜は彼が弱さを見つけることを試みる間阿散井 恋次を彼の卍解を使用し、クローンを混乱させることを試みるために告げる井上 織姫は落とされた黒崎 一護のために泣く

    Nnoitra strikes Ichigo in his weakened state. Ichigo Tries to use his Mask, but doesn't have enough power in his worn out state. Nnoitra badly Injures Ichigo, and Ichigo falls to the ground. Szayel has his clones fight Ishida and Renji. Ishida tells Renji to use his Bankai and distract and hold off the clones so that he can find and exploit a weakness. Orihime Cries out to Ichigo for him to stand up???, its in vain as Ichigo has fallen.


    other spoiler by Moridin @ NF:

    By Danna:

    By the way, nell looks so important that Nnoitra(?) know her real name(?)

    That's Nell


    Nerieru Tu

    Noitora: 元十刃だ ("a former Espada")

    He's not talking about a privaròn though, since "privaròn" is written 十刃落ち
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