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    Hmm maybe nell sealed away her true form and reverted to that of a child. All arrancar that we have seen through out the Arrancar Arcs have had a sword to release. We haven't seen her sword as of yet. I kinda hope its a Butterfly Knife or a Switch Blade.

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    Chapter 289 Summary posted by Danna at FLOL

    Bleach 289 – The Scarmask

    Thanks to Drake at pantip <33

    After they both stared at each other for a while, Ichigo decided to make the first move. He charged at Nnoitra who sneered at him “so slow”. The Spoon Espada countered Ichigo’s attack accurately.

    The fight continued. Nnoitra grasped Ichigo’s Zanpakutou “Tensazangetsu” at ease. Before Ichigo can do anything, Nnoitra head bud Ichigo in his face. The hit made Ichigo’s body bounced against the wall behind.

    Orihime who’s seen Ichigo being cornered tried looking around to the way to help him. However, Tesla noticed it.

    “You abilities can not do anything to me” His voice was so calm. “You abilities are wonderful, but the real existences of them are very fragile even I can destroy them easily. The reason I won’t do that is only because your abilities are ‘necessary to Aizen-sama’”

    ”Aizen-sama has an order that if you are not attacked first, you are not allowed to destroy the Shun Shun Rikka. If you attack me, I’m going to destroy them. So, you’d better cooperate”

    Orihime was in silent as she felt the threatening in his polite speech.

    At the moment, Orihime realised something. “Nell-chan’s gone…” She continued looking around to search for Nell “If Nell’s not being held, she might be able to do something”

    However, Tesla is such an observer.

    ”What’s wrong?” Orihime was stunned at his question.

    “Ah nothing” Her excuse only made Tesla suspected her action even more. “I don’t see another Arrancar who’s been with you before”

    Tesla used his eyes to investigate the area. Finally, his eyes stopped at the big wall behind them. “That’s it” A flash from his left eyes exploded the stone wall. Nell’s body bounced off and landed before both them.

    “Nell-chan” screamed Orihime. Nell’s body can not stop shaking continuously as if scarring of something.

    While Orihime was thinking of the reason why Nell’s such scarred, Ichigo’s body landed on the ground close to Nell. Nnoitra followed his prey. Noticing another figure in the area, Nnoitra was surprised when he realized who it is. “You…Nell”

    Nell answered nothing, but she made eye contact with the Spoon Espada quietly.

    “It’s really that Estigma(Scarmask)” said Nnoitra when he could clearly see Nell’s face. “You look such torn up, don’t you? So, are you still hurt? That crack on your mask, huh?”

    “What the hell is this?” Asked Ichigo

    “You…..know her?”

    The scene cut to Szayel’s castle as Ishida and the others were facing with their own copies. While Ishida and Dondojack were attacked by a number of Dondojacks, the hollow kept being in panic and saying that they should find Nell. Ishida answered annoyingly that he already knew that and they should be in hurry to get of here.

    “No, we can’t” screamed Dondojack after he heard Ishida’s words. “We can’t go find Nell immediately. I can feel….I can feel it a while ago…that Nell is so scary…so we must not…”

    Ishida was frozen at the last part of his speech.

    “If…if we let Nell get closer to Las Noches than now…”

    The scene changed back to Ichigo, Nnoitra and Nell. Nnoitra exclaimed surprisingly when he knew that Ichigo was the one who brought Nell to Las Noches. “…..looks like you know nothing about her that you carried her around.”

    “What do you mean?” asked Ichigo

    Nnoitra smile evilly at Ichigo’s confused face.

    “…If you really don’t know, then I will tell you”

    “This is Nell”

    “Neriel Tu O’dell Svank, an ex-Espada”

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    i understand y dondojack is revealing this now in terms of making it a more dramatic revelation to the reader and stuff...

    but within the bleach universe, y did he and the other hollow not bother to bring the whole nell issue up until theyre in a fight?

    i mean, first, y not earlier? theyve had time to see las noches, go inside and everything. why did they not bring this up if nell's proximity to it is that important? if nell and las noches don't really mix well together, then they should definitely have recalled this when they first reached it.

    second, shouldn't he worry about himself first? i mean, he and the other hollow seem to be worried about themselves, this should be no different. but no, all of a sudden he gets the sudden urge to bring up nell.

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    Bringing in my mirror theory and specualtion yet again;

    Remembering how Yoruichi transformed from her cat to human form and saved Ichigo right after his battle with Zaraki and later trained him to attain Bankai in Soul Society Arc... Perhaps Nell might play the same role; showing her true form, training Ichigo later?

    As for Dondojack, maybe he's just plain dumb... or they already knew that Nell could handle (and control herself) when faced with Espada No.6-10 but not when faced with the top 5 Espada. That would explain why only now then they began to panic since Nell just met with the No.5 Espada.

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    its very interesting what nell her history as an arrancar is atm...

    i bet this would be the reaction of Nnoitra after having killed Nell


    From spacecat at BleachAsylum

    Translation of the text by Peachilicious:

    "Life, Death - It's all inside of me"
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    Well remember when Nell absorbed that Cero and shot it right back. Right then I know that he wasn't just some little annoying Arrancar.
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    Ya, if Nell can reflect attacks back without any zanpaktou, then thats pretty impressive right there. More to Nell then meats the eye...
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    Bleach Bleach 289 Chinese Scanlation

    Source: mangahelpers

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    Thank you for this chapter.

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