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    Quote Originally Posted by Orpheu View Post
    not quite mate, although very new, terraforming is possible and as been tested on small scales successfully, it is merely too costly at the moment.
    i think it's a matter of time, one day technology will advance to such a point that will offer us anything we need even if only indirectly. example:

    we need oxigen to survive correct? thus trees are needed for a ever growing population on larger quantities, so maybe one day we will figure out how to speed up plant growth thus making such trees abundant.

    like i stated before it's a matter of time, if we can preserve ourselfs until that point like perhaps in 100 years in the future or so then the only real threat will be the existance of countries and their independent interests that could lead to a war. like religion, products like oil or maybe water like some predict, who knows.

    this is what i believe anyway.
    Terraforming does not replace our need for nature, and is what essentially is a successful method of technology conserving nature of which I speak of. I would agree that it does make nature obsolete, but what we'd be doing is replacing nature with nature lol. So we use nature as a reference, for how we should live in. But as you said its too costly to practice at the moment. and im not sure how long we can sustain its effects.

    Humanity's own creations can lead to our downfall. Religion,politics,and right down to an individuals own need to dominate and manipulate their surroundings and other people. So mentally, humanity has not matured enough to live harmoniously with each other. Which is why we must implement strict laws to prevent potential nuclear warfare over differing political views.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    While we are still relying on nature in someway, I believe we have progressed at such a successful rate that we are on what has been called an "inevitable" path. However, I am in favor of such advanced progress.

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    Not all countries don't have to work for their meal. My country is primarily agricultural, and I was born into a family of fishermen for one. We still live off of nature, no matter how much we deny it. It was only when I started living the city life when I started to get all sorts of shit.

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