Hope we'll still get to see the girls, the masters, and that perverted genius actually get a piece in the action
Was the 1 asking for help, the same 1 who was 1st attacking Gama and the others when they 1st came? Or was that her, as in the older sister who was fighting before?

If it is her sister, Hope the other 1 continued training?
Really hoped she would be able to handle some herself before the guys were needed. Also hope we actually get to see her and the masters fighting, no scenes where they just beat like 20 people. We've never really seen them do anything besides practice and traing. Now they can show their true potential.

I Forgot, Who is Kawasaki?

Seems like Gama lost some weight, while gaining height. His body actually greatly now resembles the genius who trained them.
I get the feeling the biggest changes and surprises will come from Zenmaru.