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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post

    I appreciate your input. As I have said I too don't think it's racism. I have aproblem with Cops arresting people in their homes and leading them away in handcuffs for "disorderly behaviour" , when at the worst, a ticket would have sufficed in this case.

    Somehow I just don't think this is the best Ideal of America. Again thanks for the input.
    oh yes, i forgot to address that lol and i agree with you. sadly though, disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor and not an infraction, and although i haven't verified it, i believe you have to get taken down to the station for misdemeanors while not the always the case for infractions (like getting a speeding ticket). also, while i agree with you, disorderly conduct is just "disturbing the peace" and it would therefore be a bit awkward and odd for the police to just stand off to the side and write you a ticket while you continue yelling, in the case with mr gates, or doing whatever it is that is disturbing the peace. aside from putting someone in handcuffs and taking them to the station, which is where they would then write your ticket (i have a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct myself btw), i don't really see how they would stop the peace-disturbing. i guess they could put you in handcuffs and wait until you calm down? but i doubt putting you in handcuffs would calm you down at all.
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    I think the cop overreacted.
    My friend was in a similar situation, and when the neighbour called the police all she had to do was confirm her ID and the case was closed.

    And getting arrested for "disorderly conduct" is just a plea in my opinion.
    I don't know what it is like in the U.S, but here all you get for disorderly conduct is a fine.
    So even if he yelled excessively a fine should have been enough.
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    There may yet be more details about this incident to further clarify what happened, here however is an attempt by someone to see it from both Gate's and Crowley's (the cop) POV.

    I'd like to make this my final comment on the matter. Thanks everyone for your comments and insights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    The question is: Was Gates really yelling unnecessarily and excessively?

    Because if he were, then I think it's fair reason to arrest him, whether or not he was in his home.
    The Wikipedia article stated that Gates had a bronchial infection, and couldn't have yelled if he wanted to. Besides, what a man does in his house shouldn't be looked into too deeply(save for obvious criminal intention/activity).

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    maybe the cop wanted to get gates out of there because they wanted to make sure nobody was holding his family hostage. but even if gates was yelling racist, is that an arrestable offense? i forgot i wrote in this thread once before.

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