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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    Check the credits. Chock full of Korean names written in roman alphabet.

    Don't have nothing against the Koreans, but I think it's this outsourcing which is ruining the animation.
    Interesting. Guess every1's trying to save money now. Is there nobody left from the original animation team that did Naruto up till the VOTE fight?

    Freaking pisses me off so much, they're least making money most likely, least enough to cover expenses and some profits, and yet they still resort to these tactics to save even more money. If only they had skipped the damn fillers and concentrated on the story and animation :(
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    No more damn fillers, the anime is way behind the manga already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    No more damn fillers, the anime is way behind the manga already.
    So True ..

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