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    I guess the only reason why one says its filler is because its a past event, and more informative of what happened w/ Kakashi in the past. Its not filler in a sense of non-canon, but more its not a progression of the story.

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    I guess in technical terms, the fact that it SHOULD have happened 118 episodes ago, makes it filler.. NOT!

    truth be told, I'm happy they are doing them, its WAAAAAAAYYYY overdue

    and we finally get to 'hear' from makes it more than worth the wait
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    wait, they are doing a kakashi gaiden anime filler? sorry if am a little late on the anime news. besides that, the animation in the naruto series is horrible can't they make it like they do for bleach that one is way better.

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    Everyone is talking about the Kakashi Gaiden, there is all ready a thread for that. Who else was disappointed in the "How about I kill both you scene"?

    Sharingan in the comic, no Sharingan in the anime? Plus with some dramatic music and a little pause at the right time would of made that scene BAD ASS and I HATE Sasuke but oh well imagine that...the studio screwing up again
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    ok episode i guess, sasuke wit the snakes confused me, i must of missed that in the manga, or maybe i just forgot it as over a year ago - does this mean that he posesses some of orochimaru's power
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    yeah tensa zangetsu he obsorbed orochimaru and can use some of his abilities like rapid healing.

    wow i didnt realise the studio that did the 1st part of shippuuden were korean. i dont mind tho cos it looks like they saved the best animation for the kakashi gaiden arc (at least from the look of the preview, fingers crossed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by •Rokudaime Sennin• ™ View Post
    And how the hell do you know this exactly? If it's true, Damn the koreans.
    Check the credits. Chock full of Korean names written in roman alphabet.

    Don't have nothing against the Koreans, but I think it's this outsourcing which is ruining the animation.

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    Really The Most Boring Part Of Naruto .. Is Sasuke Finding His Team ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soniic View Post
    Really The Most Boring Part Of Naruto .. Is Sasuke Finding His Team ..
    Fillers are even worse!

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    no more fillers!!!!!!!
    another yuukimaru will make me have seizures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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