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  • Pop

    2 3.64%
  • R&B/Hiphop/Rap

    11 20.00%
  • Rock/Hardrock/Alternative

    17 30.91%
  • Trance/Rave/Techno

    0 0%
  • Punk

    0 0%
  • Metal and it's various kinds

    11 20.00%
  • Gothic stuff (don't exactly know how to name it, sorry)

    0 0%
  • Jazz

    3 5.45%
  • Classical

    4 7.27%
  • Other

    7 12.73%
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    Your type of music?

    So. What kind of music do you prefer and why? (if you have a reason for liking that type of music)

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    When I was a kid, I was a charts-victim... but I assume most kids are like that... later I was quite influenced by friends etc, and went with hip-hop, Eminem, Dre, Snoop...
    When I was around 11 I finally discovered Metal, and it totally changed my music taste :/ untill I was 15 or so it was the only type of music I loved...

    Becoming 16 and finally being allowed (by law, obviously) to go to clubs, I started to listen to that kind of music (charts/house), which I still hated, but meh, the chicks were worth it... and at some point I appreciated that music since it's way easier to dance to than simple head-banging or pogo to metal, what chick could you impress with that?

    I mean, sure, there still is the Rock-Fabrik (a metal-scene club), but you can't go there all the time, so yeah, clubs somewhat changed my METAL-ONLY stance...

    I always appreciated Jazz and Rock/Hardrock anyway, and with the growing age (lol), I started to listen to those Hip-Hop "classics" again, found liking in some recent charts stuff (lady Gaga gogo), am still listening to some Mozart, Mussorgskij or Bach here and then (my former music teacher left a great impression on me...), am still going to clubs with trance/dancefloor music but most of all, I always remained a true Metalhead...

    To put it simple, I basically listen to music from all of those genres, the important thing is that it sounds good.

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    Well, it's mostly Nu-Metal, Alternative Rock/Metal, Indie and what plays on my fav radio channel - Absolute Extreme.

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    I acquired a taste of metal through a friend of mine who would force me to listen to Lamb of God,and other metal bands. It was all I could listen to.

    While playing video games. I had discovered that classical and other types of soft music kept me calm in situations where I or anyone else would want to destroy the game.

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    I'm not so much into a certain genre, I'm more into the decade. 1990 and back is where the good music is. 1991 and up are just crap with a few good songs. Although I grew up in the 90's I was raised on 80's music and it has always been my favorite. I don't care if it was rap, rock or techno, if it was from the 80's it's good.

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    I grew up with old rock classics. My parents listened to tons of bands like Kiss, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, stuff like that. I was hooked on things like that for a while.

    I began listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers when their album By the Way came out. They sounded different and I was hooked. They still remain one of my all time favorite bands.

    As time went on I came out of the "otaku closet" as some might say and began avidly listening to J-Rock and J-Pop. Now 80% of my Zune is made up of that genre. Favorites include UVERworld, FLOW, Yumi Kawamura, Hirata Shihoco and I've started listening to Abingdon Boys School as well.

    Finally, a couple months ago my friend got me listening to ska. Once again, I became hooked because of how different it was. Went to a show and everything about the experience was fantastic. Now I regularly listen to bands like Suicide Machines, Big D and the Kids Table and Streetlight Manifesto.

    So I guess you could say I listen to a wide variety of music. Like everyone though there are some things I just can't stand. There are two genres in particular I hate. I hate the vast majority of rap. There are some good songs but it's usually all the same. I believe Retards Attempting Poetry is a very suitable acronym for it. I also can't stand country. I've never been able to place my finger on why. I just don't like it.

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    I listened mostly to Hip Hop until I was 16.
    Then came my crazy phase where I was a real Goa/Psytrance and Jumpstyle-Junkie until I turned 19 and calmed down a bit.
    Now I listen mainly to Rock and Pop mostly, but only the songs I like.
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    well i just love music period, i dont really have a favorite genre, but i have to say that i do prefer to listen to underground music more , because a lot of the mainstream stuff is garbage , especially mainstream hip- hop, though i do enjoy kanye west, pop is also going down hill in the mainstream for me , rock music is still good though , but i still prefer underground more.i also happen to like music from the eighties and nineties , back then it seems like there was good music everywhere mainstream , and underground.

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    Almost nothing is to my taste, I mostly listen to music as a source of inspiration - not in the typical way - but rather, to remind myself how bloody awful everyone is, it's inspiring to know how far people can get in the world with so little... Of anything really. I conceptually like music, but nobody does it right.

    I'm going to also agree with xioaxioa, although I'm not a retro fan as such (Name a great band of the past and I almost inevitably thing they're overrated crap...), I do generally believe that the baseline standard of things has been far higher than it currently is, which is a fairly illogical notion given the longer release schedules of albums compared to the album-tour-album-tour per year paradigm of the past.

    Finally, to complete the cycle of curmudgeonliness, I'm going to complain that I don't really understand genres, I kind of got it when it was Rock and Alternative and Metal, blah, blah, that was understandable, but then the instant labels like Emo get thrown around - which seems to be attributed on a purely aesthetic basis - I start to get lost.

    Aaah, there is stuff I like though, and it's rock, so there.

    I'm having a bad day today, can you tell? I'll take it out on the world by complaining about random stuff even though nobody cares!

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