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same goes for the so called mythbusters, today they are the greatest that know everything there is to know about their job, the next day you wake up to the radio saying: mythbusters guys are actually ppl who never finished highschool, that have no kind of experience on the subject and all is just a scene waiting to be filmed and that in fact, deals where made to maintain that info secret. i for one remenber something similar happening not long ago. maybe they are frauds, maybe they geniuses and actually know what they are talking about, get my point?
i know this is off topic but its a pet peeve of mine...

i love that some people think that finishing high school is the only way to learn the material that gets taught in high school and not finishing high school = your dumb. not finishing high school doesn't really mean much to me other than not having a high school diploma. it doesnt mean that you arent smart, specially since you can get a high school diploma from most schools as long as you at least get D's in all your classes for all four years. ive met several people who never finished high school and are perfectly capable of carrying an intelligent conversation. i dunno about your high school experience but all high school was to me was passing tests and doing a lot of pointless busywork.

back on topic though, i gotta say those vids you linked were fairly convincing but i have to stick to my "it doesnt matter" viewpoint