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Jiraya walks under the rain and stop in front of Pain's hideout he looks at the sky one more time

Jiraya: This rain... is better than last time...

Kakashi talks with Yamato, he tells him his past in ANBU, Yamato seems surprised when Kakashi talks about NE.

Kakashi: NE wants me to be the Danzou's assistant, but I refused.

Yamato: ... Because of that?

Kakashi: you know about it too? oh, this was a shame for my father and my family.

Jiraya come into Pain's hideout.

Jiraya: You have come early...

Pain: The meeting was at noon, like we accorded.

Jiraya: Whatever... Konoha wants your head.

Pain: What about my little brother?

Jiraya: He is looking for another person... he isn't ready.

Pain: I see... Itachi's brother...

At Uchiha's hideout, Itachi and Tobi talks.

Tobi: what happened with him?

Itachi: He has improved... now he can know the truth...

Sasuke wake up, he is alone in a forest.

Next chapter: "The union".