hello all, BW here with another thread to entertain the masses AND better society!

now, do u have any sorta "ghetto" medical treatments you use when ur feeling sickly and battling aches and pains? POST THEM!

i'll post two common ones, to start

ear aches: take a cotton ball or a small amout of gauze. take a bottle of baby oil, pour the cap of the bottle full of baby oil. take a lighter to the baby oil in the cap, letting it get warm/hot. dip the cotton ball/gauze into the oil, get a nice amount of it covered. once done, place said gauze/cotton ball in sore ear(s). the hot oil will moisturize the dry membranes in your ear, which are causing the ear ache. DONE!

sore throat: take a full cup of warm/hot water. place 4 table spoons of salt in the water. gargle with water until whole cup is used, making sure to spit the water out and not swallowing it.

education, subjection, in you are GO!