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    The World God Only Knows

    I'm surprised that there wasn't a thread this already.

    The World God Only Knows(Kami no Mizo Shiru Sekai)

    Quote Originally Posted by MangaShare
    Katsuragi Keima is known on the net as the god of getting the girls
    while in real life he’s known as otamegane and he hates all real girls.
    However he is approached by Erushii, a devil from hell, to help her in
    catching runaway spirits that hide in people. Apparently the spirits
    only hide in the hearts of girls and the only way to get the souls out
    is by making the girl fall in love so the spirit gets forced out. And
    he’s not allowed to fail or he will lose his head.
    View it here

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    Thanks for the thread! I've been following TWGOK for awhile now and although it's nothing incredible I still enjoy reading it. Interesting concept of getting rid of demons through the power of love only to have it all forgotten, but lingering feelings live on.....
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    just started reading it..hmm i like the unique art style, and the story is interesting

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    A one manga link? Someone ban this guy >_>

    Looks interesting, i might check it out

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