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    And yet, Itsu, your current ava(as of this typing) is of a Naruto-lookng kid sitting watching rain fall. Kinda depressing, ne?

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    i dont have an especific playlist, if im sad, ill listen to something aggressive so i wont be sad, if im happy ill listen about anything, heavy metal and rap, if im mad or pissed off, ill listen to Behemoth, Venasia, Ihsahn, Slayer and other heavy metal/Blackened Death Metal bands,if im sleepy but dont wanna sleep, some Audioslave or some hard rock, if im sleepy, anything cause ill fall asleep, if im in a calm mood, ill listen to some Dream Theater, Queensryche, Opeth, Led Zeppelin, and Alice in Chains, but i do have my moods, sometimes i feel like listening to nothing to rap,(none of that new rap crap, i listen to the real stuff, the old school rap, and The Game) when im drawing, i just put my whole music on shuffle, its not like its going to "affect my artistic ability"...for those who do receive that type of feedback, thats kinda sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    I don't fit my music to my current mood. I fit my music to the mood I want to be in. I used to listen to a lot of Evanescence when I was depressed, for example, and it made it worse. So, now when I'm down/angry, I listen to some cheesy JPop/KPop song. When I'm feeling lonely I listen to a good happy love song. When I want to get some work down I find good 'ole rock (mostly 80s and 90s alternative).

    Cheesy JPop/KPop song when you're down......hells yes!
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    all i know is when i hear metal, it scraps the rebel in me.

    and my mood changes to a dark place so i don't listen to it that much anymore...

    i think it does something to me psychologically. im not a psycho!

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