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    Music as a Catalyst

    What music do you listen to when doing what you enjoy, and how does it affect your artistic ability?

    For example, when I'm writing an RP fight, I listen to stuff by Bullet Fot My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, stuff like that. When I'm feeling lonely, I listen to stuff like Nickelback(some of their stuf is pretty decent). When I just want to vent my anger, it's time for Metallica, Slayer, In Flames, Disturbed, stuff like that.

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    What music were you listening to when you made this thread???

    I tend to make the music fit whatever I'm doing. When I'm happy, I listen to metal. When I'm sad, I listen to metal. When I'm pissed, I pick certain songs! I just view (or hear) the music differently depending on my mood.

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    Most of the time I like listening to whatever's on my playlist. When I'm sad/angry/excited(playing video games especially) I listen to anything with a dark sound. When I'm happy it's old school hip-hop/jazz. When I shower it's foreign music seeing as I like the echo in my shower, plus I love singing songs in Japanese and French. Before I sleep it's classical. Any other emotion I listen to whatever. I'm open to any kind of music.
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    When I'm driving I usually listen to hip-hop stations. When I'm just relaxing it's whatever I'm in the mood for...sometimes I just put my entire library on shuffle and go from there. When I work out I like anything fast and upbeat. I usually don't listen to music when I sleep, but when I do I have a "sleeping" playlist with lots of mellow music...Jack Johnson, Aqualung, and the like.

    How does it affect my artistic ability...uhmm...I'm not that artistic XD but I do have an angsty music playlist specifically for when I'm trying to write something emotional.

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    When I'm driving I tend to listen to Russian Hip Hop because then, I feel like a real badass.
    And when I prepare food or clean my flat, it is almost every time the radio, which plays random Pop or Rock songs.
    And when I do something on my Laptop, I usually just play my favorite songs.
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    I don't fit my music to my current mood. I fit my music to the mood I want to be in. I used to listen to a lot of Evanescence when I was depressed, for example, and it made it worse. So, now when I'm down/angry, I listen to some cheesy JPop/KPop song. When I'm feeling lonely I listen to a good happy love song. When I want to get some work down I find good 'ole rock (mostly 80s and 90s alternative).

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    This doesn't belong in the Boredom Zone. Moving to Watercooler. There are a few music threads there, so if this conflicts with any the Wolvy squad will edit accordingly.
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    When story writing I listen to music that fits the theme of the story I'm writing. If its a battle sequence something with alot of intesity. If its an emotional scene something with soft emotional touch.

    Its a great way to feed off the energy of the music to fuel creative ideas and helps sequence events.

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    in your hearts
    or how about when you want to get in a mood you listen to a certain song like barry white's stuff

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    I have a sleep playlist... Which I listen to all the time since it's relaxing music - and I'm a really laid back, relaxed guy with few worries in my life. xD

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