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    Interesting filler like episode hahha wish they could just get back to the Aizen part ><

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    You know I didnt think I would like this episode but I have to say I found it refreshing and I liked it. Its a prequel to where Bleach starts off by a month before.

    Also this may seem silly to notice just now but the 1st Squad VC is the only VC to wear a white mini coat. Well cept those guys in the flashback who got turned form Kensei's squad.

    Sasakibe - he's the one into English culture and Black Tea etc.

    Good to actually hear that guy speak. I'd like some more background on his character to be fair. Guess he's the chair of the vice captain meetings.

    I quite liked this episode. Mizuiro's emo thoughts were a bit irritating but I suppose it's good exposure for his character in a way.
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    Hey why's everyone complaining so much i too found it pretty refreshing it beats the 100 episode bount arc hands down n the little girl arc thing too. As mentioned earlier it isnt really filler either but more like omake which is pretty cool. N next wk has all the bikini shots too lol...

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    I kind of liked this one even though its a filler and boy do I hate fillers. But it was an alright episode, I liked it.

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    I hope this fillers don't last long, but what I think they're doing is doing the old episodes over, but adding more detail and information to the scene. /Sigh lets just hope it ends soon.
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