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I don't think it would affect Midnight though. They have to be in extreme duress and having conflict within themselves between good and evil. Midnight seems very methodical and calculating and not so emotional. I don't see him having any internal conflict about anything at the time unfortunately.

I think his magic is to deflect other magic. i.e. Natsu couldn't hit him and that little nerd-person said nothing he did worked on him either. Its kinda cool but I hope thats not all he can do, I hope hes got some kind of attack magic too.

Question: Can people in Fairy Tail have more than 1 magic?
lold at nerd-person.

hope natsu doesnt gut fd up by midnight on the way to gerard or something.

question: anyone know if the first anime episode will be a 2 hour special cus the first chapter had like 30-40 pages.