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Well, I doubt if Yama is stronger than any of them maybe just as strong as they are, especially the bald guy.
Measuring power levels in Bleach has been known to cause cancer. I suspect they are on similar level to YammJ, Isshin & Aizen(before the H-cube power ups)

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Hmmmmm, is there really any point in saving Byakuya ? He already lost his bankai... unless after As was burned to death (?), by Yamamoto, the bankai has returned naturally. So, Byakuya would be dead, should be dead, but is still going to be saved... what's more, Kenpachi, who is supposedly in the worst state right after Byakuya, isn't treaded by them at all, even thought they came to heal Rukia and Byakuya as well... I guess he really is currently power upping in his (coma) inner world, while slowly healing... ?

It's quite possible that the Bald Monk guy is only a little weaker than Yama, then all of the other Zero members are only a little weaker than the Bald Monk, which would still make the 5 of them stronger than the whole 13 Division.

Did Shutara just imply that she was Mayuri's test subject that escaped from the science division on her own and was, or later become, strong enough to enter the Royal Guard ? This actually gives me hope that Mayuri might have made Kon at least VC-level ;P.

- Byaku is of the 4 noble houses of Seriti plus they are trying to rebuild SS and he is still a valuable member.

- I think shuruta was referring to the fact she was once head of the 12th division

In fact all most all the Zero squad members probably where captains in the past

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^ Oh, so basically they are no longer "Shinigami", thus it would make that statement that there was no stronger "Shinigami" than Yamamoto true.
I suspect that these guys where the original death squads referred to by the Qunicy leader who served under Yamamoto. That's why that crazy guy was able to teach Unohana just as Yammy taught 8th and 13th squad captains. Age wise they seem younger than Yamamoto unless time operates slower in the Palace.

They are probably close to Yamamoto's strength level but not necessarily above it unless they had special powers granted to them from being in the palace.