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    Quote Originally Posted by hikonami View Post
    deeply sorry and embarrased...may i have the dummy's explanation please?
    i got confused with the juubi's nature and the fact that it is natural energy but cannot be sensed, so i need some enlightenment, thank you before hand
    I believe that what The fox was saying was that The Juubi (its Chakra and its Evil/Emotional Intent) cannot be sensed like Naruto is able to sense the Allied Ninjas and Zetsus. However, You Can Sense It's Natural Energy if you have Sage Mode.

    If you use Sage Mode to sense it, you'll see that its Strength Cannot be measured because it is Off The Charts.

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    Naruto should just Tajuu Kagebunshin and surround the thing and absorb all its natural energy till its all gone lol
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