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I think this is a taste of what is coming, a least I hope so. Would be a shame if Kishi would rush of the ending.
This is a recurrent melding on this forum. At the opposite I think we are still far away from the end. The 10-tails will definity last more than a couple of chapters. Then there is also the whole Sasuke and Oro story. All the mystery about Zetsu, Rin, the One-Who-Know-Everything have to be unravealed. We need to see the scroll in action. Kishi may intruduce even more villains. He might resurect Kabuto.

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Anybody else notice how the incomplete juubi shares a trait with susanoo? Susanoo begins small and limited torso. The stronger it gets the mote defined its features and body become. Eventually it grows to full power and has legs. The juubi appears to suffer a lack of legs and an unfinished body. Any connections? Mokuton + susanoo equals something awesome?
I do not see the Juubi as incomplete. He's the one who has created the countries. I guess it is why he is connected to the ground. He's part of the land.

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I'm confused too about why Madara and Obito can control the Jyuubi so easily as well.
I still think the answer lays in the chains that were on the Gedo. Those chains were useless since the gedo was missing a soul/consciousness to move from itself. My guess is that the chains on the Gedo were there to ensure the Juubi would be enslaved to Obito when ressurected.

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The last page is a little "adult" oriented ...
You might find worse on the net though.