Well, I recently "did my time" in our GREAT nation's service (Estonian Defense Forces), and am I glad. Now I can spend time trying to forget about it just in time for the regathering in four years. But let's get to the point: I suddenly realized the lack of manga about the conscript's humorous perils that ensue when a young gentleman's life is interrupted by the draft - these kind of stories are somewhat popular in Russia at least. And THEN I googled to see if Japan even has a system like that... and DAMN! While I expected something like this from a small island nation, there sure is a hell of a lot of other countries where the draft was abolished, no wonder I haven't seen any western comics or shows about it either. And while it IS a year of your life down the drain (two in some countries) you people don't know what you are missing (I'm talking about the kind of fun several thousand unmotivated armed men who are children at heart can have while running through the forest "playing war"). But that's your loss, mine is that of all of the possible fiction (and sometimes what you want to believe is fiction about the army - we had a nice little episode of a few guys playing rugby with an old RPG grenade that was found while digging trenches) that won't be created.