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Thread: Fights.

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    So, have you ever been in a fight? Or atleast watched one?

    I'm not talking about a verbal or internet fight, no, a real-life fistfight!


    I've been only one fight in my entire life. Was around 2 years ago - some dude told the teacher that I had cheated on a test, and I confronted him about it. I pushed him a little because I was pissed, and he tried to hit me back... I dodged it and threw him into the wall and then the floor, I then grabbed him and told him "Just fucking chill!". He got a crack in his neck and had to wear this collar thingy for two months... Great <.<

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    Well at my school there are always fights but there not that serious. But this one guy gut jumped and the Fighters left and the guy was bleeding through his mouth with blood on the floor. And it was my freind.

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    The only fight I got into, got me a scar on my head.

    A 42 year old male hit a (female) friend of mine and I have beaten the shit out of him.
    But then his friend came with a vice.

    It wasn't a pretty sight.
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    So far, the only fights I've been in have resulted in me geting my ass handed to me. But, thewre was one time I managed to KO this one dude during football practice...And then he kicked my ass.

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    There was this one time, where I was walking in the woods, then I got ambushed by 10 bandits. I killed them all with my bare hands.

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    Sweet thread

    I don't wanna sound like a bragger though..>.>

    1st time I was in a fight was 4th grade, was arrested too, kid was bleeding in the restorrom floor
    Ever since I've always fought in school, always
    Not that I'm a violent guy, I just love fighting..I guess. I am violent..>.>...but atleast I don't look for the fight, it just happens
    And since I've always worked out n had boxing lessons I knew how to fight and defend myself, then in middle/freshman year n half of sophomore year I was in a gang, was close to being the leader but I got out, boy did I get a beating for getting out
    Then a local friend of mine thought me how to kick box so that was just over, seriously seriously I've been in atleast over 200 fights, I can honestly say I've lost 3, due to getting jumped, but I managed to keep my ground.
    I've never used weapons, only time I've held a knife was to play with it, I've only helf a gun in a shooting range, out in the woods or new years night. I don't believe in using weapons to fight, just fist, like a man.

    Rumbles..I've been in around 5 rare occasions, my favorite was when all our schools metal heads fought vs the skaters n punks, it was fun and a lot of blood..

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    I won't get into specifics but i'll just say going to a High School full of wannabe gangbangers is not fun, especially with having an older sibling who excels at pissing people off. Damn i'm glad my parents put me in Tae-Kwon-Do when I was 6.

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    Luckies! I've always wanted to get into a fight but everyone is too afraid to fight me! They all seem to think I'm some master martial artist. The only people I ever get to fight are my friends and family. Like the sword fight with my older brother. The fight ended in a draw the first time so we fought a few hours later to see who won the first one. I won.

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    this happened back in highschool, this one 'white supremacist wannabe' was making fun of this 'vietnamese guy' and so my asian friend and the viet guy kicked the white supremacist's ass. the were double teaming the guy but they were half his size so i call it a fair fight. but anyways they were doing a whole bunch of street fighter moves on the guy lol. it was amazing to watch

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    Fights only happen to either immature people , people who can't control their tempers or people looking to prove something. Fights for that type of reason to me just sounds gay and stupid..... The only reason a person should have to fight is for self-defense or defense of a loved one or friend.

    Well anyways on to my story ... basically 3 kids tried to robb my lil bro's bike and me and my friend who was also with us , saw this and i went up to them and said " yo chill with that shit .. " , and i was on a bike as well so then they were like " alright screw him then, gimme ur bike " or someshit like that ... then my boi ant told my lil bro to go home , so he ran off on his bike. Then we just stood there talkin for like 2 mints , when all of a sudden my boi ant from behind grabbed 1 kid turned him around and knocked him in his face. As soon as i seen that punch i knew it was on .. i got off my bike and tackled the dude that was grabbin my bike from the front and basically we fucked them up in like 5 seconds .... not really much of a fight but w/e , oh yea and the 3rd kid that was with them ran off after the other 2 got knocked out.

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