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    Do you try to legally back up your downloads?

    Bought Appleseed, Howl's Moving Castle, Steamboy and Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex during the last month. It occurred to me that I could have downloaded and watched them before buying just to make sure they were any good (Appleseed and Howl are great, I'll watch Steamboy tonight). Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to try and support the producers of my manga and anime as and when I can. If nothing else it keeps me on the right side of the law if my computer ever gets scrutinized.

    So how many of you try to do the same?
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    I'll only buy something if I've already seen it. Since I live in Canada downloading is the only method of viewing before buying since the dubs are years behind. As long as it's good I'll add it to my collection. Nothing better than having good boxarts and extra that come with getting the DVD's .

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    only when i can afford it
    ghost in the shell is in my list,along with others + some mangas
    i believe it's a way to support the publishers,though most of the trade happens in Japan
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    I voted only when I can afford it. Because it' really is when I have enough money to spend on it.

    I do buy a lot of anime dvds, anime CD soundtracks, and some manga. Although since I buy used manga (and some used DVDs, and CDs) from Book-Off, it's not really supporting the publisher.

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    Only when the manga is truly a masterpiece, so only a few times...

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    To be honest I don't....I simply can't afford it...I can barley buy food =/
    If I could afford it I'd love to have a big collection of Anime and more....Sadly I can't...But I recommend to friends and family and encourage others to support if they can....

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    i buy it if i can affort it AND if i think it is worth buying it.

    for me it does not make any sense to buy a manga / anime just because i read it and thought it was so-so or crap...

    i like the way nine inch nails and radiohead put it: download the songs for free and then pay as much as you think it is worth afterwards. great idea
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    I'd like to, but I can't really afford it.

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    I buy stuff if I've found that its good, the only real problem is the time lag.

    Sometimes I do by anime/manga that I've never tried before, for no other reason then I just think it looks good.


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    Where the hell do you buy manga?!

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