I decided to watch FMA solely because of the theme song 's awesomeness and the really great fight scenes in the theme song. Then I watched the whole anime and although the fights were okay, they were a little too complicated and Ed and Al were always way too slow compared to the homunculi especially after seeing them easily match the homunculi speed in the song. And also on Naruto's 1st season they had these scenes in the Op where Naruto showed some great skills when figthing this really fat, big ninja. I really wanted to see that too and when it never happened I was disappointed

Anyway do you guys think it is better for the OP of the anime to have better and less possible to happen fights than would appear on the actual anime?

If so vote + if not, still vote and tell which anime specifically you might dislike the fact that the anime's OP has better fights than the actual anime. And if you think it should be that way say so.

Also if you think that the fights they use in anime Openings should be used in the anime vote for it and discuss it.