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    Guidelines For Requesting Moderation.

    Recently, I've grown slightly annoyed at watching threads be first derailed and then completely wrecked by people piling in publically demanding that it be graveyarded, locked, moved, or that a particular poster be infracted and their posts deleted for whatever reason. Needless to say, this isn't really helpful to the community as a whole, as it's pretty crappy to have your thread publicly derided, nor is it helpful even to the moderators, who may turn up to find a thread that was salvageable turned into a complete mess.

    If it's only a matter of time until a moderator spots the issue and rectifies it, then leaving the thread or post alone is fine, should a moderator have missed the problematic thread or post, then you can alert them through private message, report function or even on IRC if they're currently present.

    • Use the report button
    • Contact a moderator

    • Be hostile in directing a poster to a thread with a similar topic in case of duplicate threads.
    • Publically note an infractable offense, there are private ways to go about this, and unnecessary drama is... Unnecessary
    • "in b4 gravyard" (The post won't go towards your post count if the thread is Graveyarded and you risk an infraction for spamming if the thread is not in fact Graveyard worthy)
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    Ah, so you finally managed to make this post...
    I second what Binky said, it really is getting annoying, especially if the thread actually does lead to some discussion and you have to go back 4 pages just to read comments like: this is going into the graveyard anyway, blabla...

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    Also I would suggest that you contact us on IRC.
    Clicking report gives us an email.
    I don't watch my inbox very often on the forum, so PM'ing is also slower.
    Contacting us on IRC is fast and you can easily explain what's the problem.

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