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    Reborn! Chapter 247 Discussion/248 Predictions

    Chapter's out:

    We got to see Shigure Soen's 4th form, finally... All that's missing is the 6th form I believe.

    Hibari recognized Yamamoto's strength (yeah). I wonder if Hibari wants to bite him to death now...

    I'm a little curious how Basil knew to be shocked or impressed by Genkishi saying that when he fought Tsuna, he wasn't at full strength. Oh well, I guess they told him bedtime stories after training sessions.

    So, if rain flames can tranquilize the opponent and their attacks so that they are basically not moving, what is the difference between rain flames and the sky flames which, so far, use the harmony characteristic to petrifies the enemy?

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    That was awesome. 'Nuff said.

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    Geez, Byakuran is still happy because there's some things left to happen.

    Nonetheless, awesome chapter!

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    Yamamoto pretty much beasted him.

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